How Can Android and iOS App Measure Blood Pressure? Is It True?

Blood pressure is the circulation of blood resulting from the heart pumping against the artery walls. Statistics show that 1.28 billion people worldwide suffer from hypertension. Nowadays, many apps are used to check BP besides the sphygmomanometer. Can Android and iOS Apps Measure Blood Pressure?

Well, the measuring systems of BP devices and apps are different. However, either high or low blood pressure is dangerous for health. The severances of the BP can cause cardiac arrest, brain stock, kidney failure, etc. So, it should be checked and kept under control.

Can Android and iOS Apps Measure Blood Pressure?

A test had been carried out at Johns Hopkins University with smart apps that whether they read BP or not. 77.5% of the reading of the apps was found incorrect. The app developers claim their apps can accurately measure BP, though. Even more, some apps can offer more features like measuring sugar, weight, and many more. To determine it, one has to understand how the app works.

So, How Can Android and iOS Apps Measure Blood Pressure?

Android and IOS Apps can measure blood pressure. Usually, the apps use the phone’s microphone and camera to read blood pressure. The microphone and camera hear the heartbeat touches from finger and heart. There might be some other calculations. Then it shows a result regarding one’s BP.

On the other hand, a sphygmomanometer uses a stethoscope to listen to the heartbeat. A device like Manometer is used to read cuff air pressure which is attached to the arm and cuff. This device is an acknowledged device worldwide for measuring blood pressure.

But the app developers cannot claim their apps provide 100% current reading. It won’t be a good idea to rely on the app’s result. Moreover, it might prove dangerous for old and adult patients. However, these apps can be used on a temporary basis for those who work out. Or else the person wants to keep track of BP after being checked by a doctor.

5 Applications That Read Blood Pressure

There are a couple of Android and iOS apps that can measure blood pressure. Perhaps it would be more suitable to say that the apps can keep track of BP.

Measuring the correct BP needs a tonometer which is impossible by smartphone. However, the app provides some other features as well. So, let’s see the applications below:

1. Blood Pressure Companion

The Companion app has been made for iOS users, and it is free. It claims that the app reads BP. Even it keeps a record of the data and provides a full overview of your health. It has a reminder system for users to check BP and maintain normal pressure. With the help of the app, users can fix appointments with doctors.

So, what else does a user need? The designer of the application has created it simple so everyone can use it. It’s easy to navigate, offers many features, and shows detailed information about user health.

2. Blood Pressure Watch

This application is recommended for Android users. Just like other BP reading apps, it also reads and tracks users’ BP. After measuring it, shares analyzed data and health conditions. Besides, the information is stored in the system. So, one can compare the current condition with the previous one. For your next doctor visit, you can share it via email, Drive or dropbox.

Moreover, the app helps to measure weight and pulse rate. However, if you forget to measure your BP, the app can help on that matter. It reminds the users to check daily and keeps track. One more advantage of this app is it can keep records of multiple users. So, the app a contribution to maintaining the good health of you and your family.

3. Cardio Journal

Cardio Journal app is appropriate for those who care for their health. The application has two important features: Measuring BP and keeping records of the result. If anyone keeps daily statistics on the app, it can give a result after a certain time. It displays the overall condition of health.

Furthermore, the application provides night and day reading, whether the patient needs medication attention or not. Users can consult with a free expert on the app. But better to see a real doctor in an emergency case. However, the application is created both for iOS and Android users with easy operation.

4. Family Lite BP Monitor

Are you looking for a blood sugar measuring device or weight machine? How would it be to find all in only one app? Family Lite BP Monitor app is quite like that. It can read BP, and measure blood sugar and weight. Moreover, it can deliver health condition reports. Besides, it provides guidance on what to eat. If anyone needs medication aids, the app indicates that also.

So, it is an excellent application for people of all ages. Anyone can consider it as a free doctor as well. The app is developed for iOS users, and it has an overall positive response. On the other hand, save the data of your BP, Sugar, or weight to check by any physician.

5. Blood Pressure Log

This Android application is responsible for reading BP, weight, heart rate, etc. The app tracks the health statistics and shows a report after analyzing. Besides, it assists in reminding and monitoring daily BP. Users can see statistics and graphical views of health conditions. They can even email them to a doctor for further consultancy.

But remember, the app is not the alternative to a real doctor. Apart from this, the application might have some additional features. The developers are upgrading the app from time to time. So, download this app to be conscious about health and avoid serious diseases.

In A Nutshell

Blood pressure reading applications are still under development. I usually won’t recommend it for hypertension patients. If anyone wishes to use it, use it at their own risk. But it is also true that a sphygmomanometer might not be affordable for many users. So, they can check their BP from the diagnostic center and keep track of it with such apps.

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